Defibot Q&A

The Defibot uses a neural network to find arbitrage trading pairs on decentralized exchanges(DEXes). It automatically buys and sells them, profiting from price differences of the same tokens on different decentralized exchanges or from price differences in liquidity pools for the same token to various cryptocurrencies

Unlike centralized crypto exchanges, where API is used for arbitrage bots, decentralized exchanges use WEB 3.0 directly through the user's wallet.
The Defibot must have access to the arbitration wallet and its balance, in order to make arbitrage transactions and earn profits.
Therefore, it is best to create a separate wallet for arbitrage trading with Defibot.
This is currently the only option for automated trading on decentralized exchanges. Other options have not been invented yet. If there will be some options to connect Defibot more securely, we will definitely implement them.

Profit depends on the chosen blockchain and the availability of liquidity on the decentralized exchanges of that blockchain, the bot settings, the chosen capital strategy, and your arbitrage capital. (the more it is, the more arbitrage trades the Defibot will be able to make and the more profit will be)
On average, a guaranteed profit of about 3-5% per day with sufficient arbitrage capital. 

At the moment, the defibot makes arbitrage transactions within a single blockchain. We are developing cross-chain versions, but we cannot yet give a timeline for implementation.

A multi-license (MAD MAX, MAD MID) allows you to use the Defibot on additional blockchains. They are connected on demand. You don't have to pay a separate license for them. But you need to understand that each blockchain needs its own minimum arbitrage capital in the main blockchain currency. (ETH for ETHEREUM, BNB for BSC, MATIC for Polygon and so on)

You need start-up capital to make arbitrage trades. The Defibot automatically finds, buys and sells arbitrage pairs. The higher the start-up capital, the more arbitrage trades the Defibot can open at the same time, and the higher the final profit. Without a minimum balance the Defibot simply cannot start working. 
The cost of the license is paid separately. This is the amount of reward for the Defibot team, and the fee for activation of Defibot.

We do not provide for license upgrades. The Defibot uses customized algorithms for each type of license and your arbitrage wallet is tied to your license.
If you want to switch to a new license you will have to pay the full cost of it and create a separate wallet for the new license. 

There are no restrictions on the withdrawal of money. You retain full access and control over your wallet. And you can withdraw funds from it at any time. But it's better to wait until the arbitrage cycle is over, when the Defibot exchanges all tokens for the main asset. You can set the duration of the arbitrage cycle in the settings of the Defibot.  

No, you don't have to pay anything. Your license will be restored automatically, you may have to wait if all slots for the selected blockchain are taken.

If your bot is unused for 1 month, we freeze your license and free up an occupied slot for another client. To restore the license and return the slot, you will need to write to tech support and wait until the slot becomes free.

Yes, that's right. A license is a one-time fee. The license is forever. There are no hidden fees. Everything is out in the open. You only pay the Defibot's fee of the profits you make.

We can not openly show statistics. Because we have to deanonymize the wallets of our customers. After purchasing a license, we can show you the transaction statistics of our test wallet.

A trial version of the Defibot with all the functionality of the MAD MIN license is available to you for 12 hours. To activate the trial, you need to click the [Request a trial] button on the
Select the blockchain you prefer and wait for the trial mode activation. (15-30 min.)   

The Defibot makes arbitrage transactions using only the main blockchain currency (ETH, BNB, SOL...) It does not use tokens that are already in your wallet. The Defibot only trades tokens that it bought itself.
The higher the balance, the more trades the Defibot makes. The maximum amount of one transaction is limited by the Defibot settings - "Min amount of arbitrage trade". 

Algorithmic arbitrage trading has almost no risks. There are small global risks, such as the hacking of decentralized exchanges or a sharp crash (scam) of some tokens. But because the Defibot does not trade on the all-in principle, but splits capital into parts to reduce risks and open more arbitrage deals, there is no danger.

No, you do not need to create any accounts. Authorization on decentralized exchanges goes through the WEB 3.0 protocol via a wallet. The Defibot automatically connects to decentralized exchanges and performs transactions directly through smart contracts of decentralized exchanges.

Nowhere. The Defibot does not need to be downloaded and installed on your computer or phone. This is not an app in its usual form. The Defibot is a cloud solution that works directly with smart contracts via WEB 3.0

We share the philosophy of crypto-evangelicals and believe that decentralization gives freedom from dictates and violence from the governments. We support the complete anonymity of our clients and do not require any KYC procedures.

Yes, you can. You can find out the payment details in the tech support chat.
But it will be better if you pay in currency of blockchain you are going to activate your Defibot license on. (ETH, BNB, LUNA, TRON, SOL, MATIC, AVAX, DOT, HT, FTM) 

We are an international team. Our main headquarters is in Finland.
Part of the team from India, Portugal, Singapore work remotely.

As for our plans. We continue to improve our main product Defibot.
We are not going to launch our own token or NFT or any other fancy stuff.
It's very likely that our Defibot product will go private and stop being public. These demands are coming from our big customers and we're looking into it right now.
We guarantee that those who have already purchased a license will be able to use our product even after we close it to new customers.

Fee is automatically calculated from the profit made and paid at the end of each arbitrage cycle from your arbitrage wallet.

There are no refunds for the license. So before you buy a license, study our product. Test the trial version and only then make your decision.
The license is for ever. And you can come back at any time and make a profit with Defibot. 

On the profile settings page you must specify your Telegram in the format @myname. After that you need to activate our telegram notification bot and send it your login on the site. (email)
If the data match, the bot will be activated automatically. Messaging to the bot will come after you launch the Defibot. Check notification settings on your profile settings page.  

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